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How Program Works


Understanding the patient's symptoms for correct diagnosis

Personalised plan

Based on the diagnosis, develop a personalized Improvement plan

Develop a personalized Improvement plan


Regularly monitor the patient's health through follow-up appointments

Regularly monitor the patient's health and follow-up


Provide guidance for lifestyle changes and support

Critical Factors Treated in Program

Improving egg & sperm quality




Managing stress & obesity

Tubal Patency Restoration

Program Duration / 100 days

Our program is backed by research and curated by trusted doctors.

We gather essential information and guide you through our fertility enhancement program, tailored to your needs.

Our experienced gynecologists provide personalized consultations, understanding your concerns and offering expert advice for enhanced fertility.

Our customized diet plan focuses on nourishing your body with fertility-boosting foods, promoting reproductive health naturally.

Engage in rejuvenating yoga and meditation practices that harmonize your mind, body, and spirit, enhancing fertility and overall well-being.

Our dedicated team provides compassionate counseling and closely monitors your progress, ensuring continuous support throughout your fertility journey.

Our Team of Experts

Our protocols are defined by Sushain's medical advisors,
doctors with decades of experience in women's health

Why Sushain?

  • Sushain Experts

    We have 1000+ government registered and verified ayurvedic doctors. They are committed to serve in the wellness domain hence we say Wellness to Wholeness.

  • Holistic Experience

    We provide a holistic approach to wellness, harmonizing body, mind, and soul through online video consultations, personalized treatments, herbal remedies by addressing the root causes of ailments

  • Toxin-free Medicine Formulations

    Ayurveda prioritizes toxin-free medicine formulations by harnessing natural ingredients and traditional preparation methods.

  • Ayurveda Platform

    We provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to health and wellness. We offers a range of services, including online video consultations, online ayurvedic medicines, yoga, and panchakarma therapies.

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