Dr Harshita Sethi

MD (Ayurveda) | 25 YRS. EXP.
Digestive and Gastro Problems, Sexual Disorders and Diseases, Gynae and Fertility, Trichology Hair Concerns, PCOD and UT Fibroid, Pre and Post Natal Care, Vitality Digestive and Gastro Problems, Sexual Disorders and Diseases, Gynae and Fertility, Trichology Hair Concerns, PCOD and UT Fibroid, Pre and Post Natal Care, Vitality
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Gurgaon, Haryana
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Doctor's Intro

Dr Harshita Sethi is Experienced (More than 20 years) Ayurveda Consultant and Expert in Customising Diet and lifestyle modifications according to Principles of Ayurveda Science. She runs Three Clinics cum Panchkarma Centres in Gurgaon, Noida & Delhi.     She has presented many papers in National Seminars. She has written Various articles addressing Common health issues and Their easy remedies in Local Newspapers & International Magazine. She Participates in National & International  Conferenas for Continued professional development . She has lived in U.K. and worked as Lecture in Ayurvedic College in London and Practised Ayurvedic Medicine there. She has Worked with Various Renowned Ayurvedic Vaidyas to understand deep treasure of our ancient medicine and learnt practical methods to create a formulations.


MD (Ayurveda) | 25 YRS. EXP.

Dr Harshita Sethi has successfully treated many complicated cases of Liver Cirrhosis , Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease , Irritable Bowel Syndrome , PCOD , infertility
Patient's Review
Harish Reddy
Highly Recommended
Dr. Harshita Sethi provides answers that are very helpful. Thanx mam because of u my pain has gone and i am feeling good now, i want you to help more people like this.

Ashita Singh Panwar
Excellent Ayurvedic Doctor
My experience at Avedna was absolutely amazing. I got to know about the possible origins of my problems and how to overcome/prevent it.

The best treatment that i received for my gynec issues

Rikta Deb.
Extremely good consultation, great improvement in my health, Dr Harshita sethi is excellent
sushain is a very good place to find the best ayurvedic doctors.

Arjun Bhujel
100% satisfied for my skin issues
doctor listened very patiently and whole process is very easy

very good doctor, i recommend
Thanks Sushain , Thanks Dr harshita for relief in my health issues

Jaya Sharma
i got relief in my problems
Thanks Sushain

Meenal Bhardwaj

Rita kumari
highly improved my health issues
very easy to use and doctor listened very patiently . very knowledgable doctor.

Jinti gogoi
I recommend Dr Harshita Sethi

excellent place to find Ayurveda doctor
got relief @100%

Awards and Accreditations

She has been awarded with Atreya Award 2016 for Excellence in Ayurvedic Practice by Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America.                         She is member of Ayurvedic practitioners Association of U. K. She is been awarded with Doctor's Achiever award 2019 for Excellence in Ayurveda by Medical Walfare Association.             She has received Certificated of excellence in Yogshala Expo 2018 for providing Free Health Consultation in health Pavilion.

Success Story

She has got very high success rate of curing Migraine, Chronic Headaches wherein the patients have stopped taking pain killers after the treatment.          

She has treated various patients of Hairfall Sucessfully.  

Many of her Arthritis patients are relieved of their pain and difficulty in walking and now living painfree  life without Surgery.                                    

Many parents have got healthy child after taking treatment for Infertility.

Services Offered
General Medicine & Consulting Infirtility Panchkarma
Yoga & Meditation
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Dr Harshita Sethi

MD (Ayurveda) | 25 YRS. EXP.

USD 15 /-