Dr Payal Khandelwal

BAMS,MD (Ayurveda) | 17 YRS. EXP.
Digestive and Gastro Problems, Gynae and Fertility, Panchkarma, Garbhsanskar, Orthopedic Digestive and Gastro Problems, Gynae and Fertility, Panchkarma, Garbhsanskar, Orthopedic
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Bangalore Urban, Karnataka
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Doctor's Intro

Dr Payal Khandelwal has done her graduation and post-graduation in Ayurveda from the prestigious Tilak Ayurveda Institute, Pune and has worked for the past fifteen years in the capacity of an Ayurveda consultant, Research associate and Lecturer. She has been awarded the National Herbal research award by Madhya Pradesh govt in recognition of her contribution to clinical research in the field of Generalized Anxiety disorders.
She has worked with Internationally recognized institutes - Ayurveda Rasayani, Pune, Rasayani Biologics Pvt ltd, Pune, Million eyes Healthcare Technologies , FRLHT Bangalore & Himalaya drug research, Bangalore and is the founder of Ayurveda First centre and Ayurveda consciousness living community.

Ayurveda First is the brainchild of Dr Payal Khandelwal . She is the Senior Ayurveda , Panchakarma & Garbhasanskar consultant at Ayurveda First. Various research based protocols  based upon Ayurvedic principles are followed at Ayurv


BAMS,MD (Ayurveda) | 17 YRS. EXP.

Dr Payal Khandelwal has successfully treated many complicated cases of Inflammatory Bowel Disease , Irritable Bowel Syndrome , Chronic Hyperacidity , Chronic Constipation , Type 1 Diabetes , Hypertension , Chronic Asthma , Auto Immune Disorder , Corona , Backpain , Chronic Piles , Fistula in Anus , Fungal Infection , Paralysis , Migrain , Nervous System Disorder , Osteoarthritis , Rheumatoid Arthritis , Psoriatic Arthritis , lumber spondylosis , Cervical Spondylosis , PCOD
Awards and Accreditations

1) National Herbal research award  - Dec 2010 by Madhya Pradesh give

2) Nanal Trophy  - 2007


Success Story

[24/05, 16:10] Payal Khandelwal: Ayurveda First
2nd Floor, ASN Signature, Laughing Waters 5th Cross Rd, Ramagondanahalli, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066
Ayurvedic clinic
priyanka khandelwal
27 points
 a month agoI am happy to share my experience with Dr Payal khandelwal Mam She is one of the best doctors I have ever met. I had one miss carriage and one ectopic pregnancy and one of my fallopian tube was removed because of ecotopic pregnancy and there was the blockage in the other tube . All the other doctors told me that IVF is the only option but I wanted to conceive naturally. Dr. Payal khandelwal Mam gave me the treatment for unblocking the other tube . she is the best in diagnosing the root cause of the diseases. After the treatment i conceived naturally and now we are enjoying our parenthood with our 23months old daughter. My hole hearted thanks to Dr.Payal mam. My suggestion is simple follow doctor's sayings, what she says u will rock and u will enjoy ur beautiful life. ????????
[24/05, 16:11] Payal Khandelwal: had multiple health issues related to my menstruation and was advised surgery and prolonged medication . In order to avoid surgery I came to Dr Payal for treatment . I not only averted the surgery I also noticed improvements in my scans further and my hormone test results . I have acne prone skin and her medications led to spotless and smooth skins. I love the way she investigates the root cause and how she tackles the issues from the root . The next time when I had a bad neck and upper back sprain , I took her advise and was able to recover without allopathic medications . She is very knowledgeable and asks the right questions . She goes to the deepest level and handles the root of the problem thereby helping us recover fully . My experience with her has been lovely and has restored my belief in Ayurveda and natural treatments

[24/05, 16:11] Payal Khandelwal: Dr. Payal treated my recurring chronic allergy problem for throat infection. She also helped me boost my immunity with her Ayurvedic medicines. I also consult her for Suvarnaprasha for my 2 kids to keep them healthy.
Very satisfied with her treatment and will highly recommend her practise.
[24/05, 16:13] Payal Khandelwal: Dr. Payal’s treatments are very effective. My child and me Being from a sports background, have had many injuries that Dr. Payal has treated effectively.

Dr. Payal is a very pleasant person and listens to and understands one’s requirements very well.

The massages and various oils and bath products are also very good. Particularly the kumkumadi oil.

Her treatments for women health and wellness have served well to myself and many I know.

Thank you for everything Dr.Payal!

Services Offered
Garbh Sanskar Infirtility Panchkarma
Yoga & Meditation Agnikarna
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Dr Payal Khandelwal

BAMS,MD (Ayurveda) | 17 YRS. EXP.

USD 15 /-